Ecstatica's architecture has some very interesting features. One of them is the unique event handling system. This article tries to sum up the greater picture about events. The gory details are handled in a separate article.

Events are used for different purposes

Ecstatica doesn't stop at using events for - you might guess - handling events.

  • Events are used as a general-purpose interface to alter the state of the game world.
  • The process of loading game data from files is largelly controlled by events. For that purpose, a couple of pseudo events exist.
  • Events are used to control scripted sequences and animations. The game is able to linearly interpolate between specific events.

Pseudo Events

The following event types are used solely during the loading of game data from files

Event Class Purpose
PSEUDO_ACTION Marks that the following actions will describe a new Action object to be loaded
PSEUDO_KEY Marks the beginning of a new Key object to be loaded
NEXT_SCENE Marks the beginning of a new Scene object to be loaded
PSEUDO_SCENE Contains Scene data
PSEUDO_SCENE_2 Contains Scene data
PSEUDO_SCRIPT Marks the beginning of a new Script object to be loaded
PSEUDO_ADJUNCT Marks the beginning of a new Adjunct object to be loaded
Event Type #47 ?
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